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News 03 April 2024

Reflections stemming from the collaborative workshop on Industrial Thermal Energy Storage, 7 November 2023

In the pursuit of decarbonising the industry, on 7 November 2023, the workshop “Applications for Industrial Thermal Energy Storage” was held at TNO, Utrecht, The Netherlands. The event emerged as a milestone following the launch of the White Paper “Industrial Thermal Energy Storage - Supporting the transition to decarbonise industry”, a result of the scientific collaboration among the members of the European Energy Research Alliance’s Joint Programme Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (JP EEIP). The workshop organised by JP EEIP, in collaboration with EERA Joint Programmes Energy Storage (JP ES) and Geothermal (JP GE), served as a concluding moment for the efforts around this topic, which had spanned over a year.

More information can be found here: Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes - News & Resources (