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Eera event 14 September 2023 - Capri, IT

EERA JP ES workshop in conjunction with EFC 23 on: “Exploring similarities, synergies and perspectives of open electrochemical reactors for long duration energy storage”

Several technologies are considered for large scale, mid- to long-term electrical energy storage. In this framework electrochemical technologies are characterised by open electrochemical cells, such as electrolysis for several Power2X technologies, metal-air and other open batteries. From the basic principles point of view, these (semi-) open electrochemical cells have many similarities, and face similar challenges when it comes to scale up and materials demand. From an application point of view, decoupling of the electrochemical cell from the storage content opens for large variety of combinations, which to assess depends on technical and non-technical aspects.

The workshop aims at bringing together experts in the field of these semi-open electro -chemical reactors to exchange on cutting-edge research and developments mainly related to: redox flow batteries, metal-air batteries, electrolysers, Power2X technologies and other types of “open electrochemical reactors”.

In 4 Sessions related to “Research Challenges”, “Application Challenges”, “Sustainability”, and “Business: opportunities and bottlenecks”,  the workshop will develop answers to the following questions:

  • What are the perspectives for each or a combination of these technologies?
  • What are the scientific-technical challenges?
  • How sustainable are current concepts, and how can this be assessed?
  • Which application areas benefit from which power and storage scale?

The workshop is a full day event and will take place on Thursday 14th Sept 2023 at the Grand Hotel Quisisana on Capri, IT (the same location as EFC 23). The workshop is free of charge but only limited places are available. The registration is on  a first come, first serve basis. Registration includes also access to the EFC 23 on Thursday 14th Sept 2023 . Participants interested to attend also the EFC 23 conference may benefit for a reduced registration rate to EFC 23 ( HOW, details, special code/personal contact to the organizers).

In order to register for the EERA JP ES workshop please click here. Registration deadline is Friday, 1 September 2023.

Information on the location, accommodation please visit also the EFC 23 website.



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Practical information


14 Sep 2023


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Grand Hotel Quisisana (the same location as EFC 23)


Peter Holtappels
IMVT - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie