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Position papers 31 January 2020

Study on Energy Storage

Study on Energy Storage to speed up the Energy Transition

The overall purpose of this study is to increase understanding on how a technology-driven mission, in this case energy storage, can be designed and how such a mission in the field of energy storage could look like. The methodology used in this study combines literature research with expert knowledge and expert interviews. The study summarizes present EU policy on energy storage, gives examples of missions from various companies and institutions and presents key findings of recent roadmaps on energy storage. Together with expert interviews on mission-oriented R&I this information serves as a background to propose two missions on energy storage. Firstly, a so-called transformer mission is proposed as “Develop an interconnected, carbon-neutral and reliable Pan-European Energy System by 2030“. This mission transforms the whole energy system in Europe, while the second proposal accelerates the technical development of Post-Li-Ion batteries. This so-called accelerator mission is proposed as “Develop more powerful and clean European Post-Li-Ion batteries for electromobility available on the market by 2030”. Finally, an evaluation and monitoring scheme for both missions is developed.